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First stable in Latvia to offer something unique - YOGA on horseback!


Harmony on horseback with elements of yoga - be one of the first who tries it. 


No yoga or horseriding skills are required.


Program have been developed in cooperation with sertified yoga instructor Andis Mednis and Katrina Vilumsone from "Labo sajūtu laboratorija" yoga center in Riga and certified horse riding trainer Laima Libere.


Yoga on horses is included ir our RETREAT PROGRAM:

  • Starts with yoga from the ground.

  • Meeting and connecting with horses.

  • Balance excercises on the horseback with elements of yoga.

  • Duration: 2 hours.

More info: 28611961, Laima



5 facts, why Yoga on horseback is good for you:

1. Warmth coming from the horse helps to relax muscles and calms you.
2. Horses have a scientifically proven therapeutic  and healing effect on people.
3. Being in nature and on horses helps to calm ones mind and strengthens nervous system.
4. Improves psychological well-being and physiological wellness
5. Helps improving balance and activates groups of muscles that you didn't even know existed.


How does Yoga On Horses affect the horse itself? We asked veterinarian Gita Ozola. "An activity, where person changing poses on a healthy horse, would work as a massage of deep muscles for the horse. The blood circulation is stimulated both in skin and in muscles during yoga, making a positive impact on tissue."

Feel the vibe:


Retreats and kid camps

Every year we organise SUMMER KID CAMPS and one of the days is dedicated to Yoga. Both from the ground and balance exercises on horse with elements of yoga. Kids love it!

Since 2020 we started to offer RETREATS for women 18+ 

It is a retreat where meditation, yoga and horses are central. Get some inspiration, charge your batteries and regain your inner strength. 

  • Improves psychological well-being and physiological wellness

  • Learn how horses influence our health 

  • Yoga, Meditation

  • Creative activities

  • Great food and staying at a guest house near by 

Look, how went our first retreat:

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